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Unity Light Circles is so greatful to all the former YOUers that have shared their experience and hopes. A deep gratitude goes out to the members of the Y.O.U. Alumni Facebook Group for asking so many wonderful questions that help everyone see clearly what this ministy does.  You are all a true blessing to the Unity momement and to the world.  Thank you!

Why is the age range 18-24?

We are starting with this specific age group so that we can listen to those more recently out of Y.O.U..  Then we can consider the responses and ideas of the particepants and make changes that best support the process.

We are listening and understand that there is a much wider age range that would like to be included.  Feel free to add your ideas and support for that possibility below.

Is this re-create the Y.O.U. experience?

A Light Circle event is built around releasing the baggage of the past and holding sacred space for each other in small groups. The Light Circle will connect on a weekly basis in support of each other. 

What if I never attended a Y.O.U. event but was a

Any former, can attend a Light Circles event.  It is only a prerequisite because of the unique Y.O.U. experience and understanding that Light Circles will build on.

Is this taking the place of NGU?
No, this is a specific event to support the transition for former YOUers.  
If this isn’t a replacement for NGU, then how does it work with NGU to improve the lives of attendees?

It sounds like there are two questions in your request. I’d like to address them separately in support of clarity.

Unity Light Circles works along side of any other ministries, organizations or programs and is not intended to replace or displace NGU in any way. This means that anyone that wants to attend Unity Light Circles can also attend NGU or vise versa.

On improving lives, one way is through a private website for each Light Circle that is not on social media, where any post or comment can be trolled with online shaming, intimidation or mobbing. In a safe secure environment the group can express freely and receive the affirmative support of their group as they all grow in their own ways.

Another is that the Light Circle is created with the intention of staying connected weekly even though its members do not necessarily live, work or go to school in the same city, state or even county. This provides on-going connection, love and support for each other regardless of location.

What is the affiliation of Unity Light Circles with Unity Worldwide Ministries?

Unity Light Circles is an Alternative Unity Ministry under the 501(c)3 umbrella of Unity Worldwide Ministries.

What happens to the personal and financial information of those that apply?

All online payments are handled through PayPal and not stored  with Unity Light Circles. We follow the strict code of ethics under Unity Worldwide Ministries and will follow all appropriate methods of securely storing information.

thankyouFeel free to ask more questions

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